Paganland – Audio only – Moving Sessions

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Produced by Petros Sofocli

Written and Performed by Paganland

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Petros Sofocli

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Moving Sessions is a series of live music sessions aimed to be produced at “unusual” recording spaces/locations for music and share the creative drive of the featured artists.

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Paganland (Sarmoung Ensemble) is a shamanic Iranian band based in berlin.they beleive of bringing life to ancient sounds and rites by their narrative music performed by Persian primitive & rustic oriental instruments and movements which were used in folklore rituals and dances and entice their audience thereby into a fascinating world full of intensity and magick. their concept is based on minimalism and old breathing techniques aims to transcend consciousness from the hypnotic ‘waking sleep’ state to unified mind-emotion-body level of being.

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Whirl dancer, Samā’:

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