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Music Production

Do you need help with the realization of your Project?

Demo or Album, Organize, Bandcoaching, Recording Studio Search, Label Search, Diy, Releasing, Manufacturing process, Quality control, Sound recordings, etc.


Do you need balance in your recorded Tracks?

Leveling, Panning, Kompression, EQing, Automation, Hall, Delay, Stereo, Mono, Stems, Summing, Multitrack, Crispsounding, Darksounding, Muddy, etc


Does your Music need a finishing touch?

Final cutting, Pre-mastering, Last step, Sound carrier, Filter, Multiband processing, Limiting, Jitter, Glasmaster, ISRC, EAN, Red Book, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, etc.



Anfisa with “The Form of the Formless”
The Old Boat on Soundcloud
Moving Sessions in Nicosia


Moving Sounds

The Vagabond Music Production Suite, a project that started in the arlies 2013. Petros Sofocli offers through it a location-independent Music Production platform. Would you like to record your Music in a Barn, a Practise-room, a Bunker, in a Forest or wherever else your creativity can run wild. No Problem!

The idea is not new. During the 70s and 80s recordings were already made in this way. World famous example is the legendary Rolling Stones Mobile Recording Studio. This originated Albums that made ​​music history as ” Sticky Fingers ” (Rolling Stones) , Led Zeppelin’s ” III “, ” IV ” and ” House of the Holy” , Dire Strait´s  “Alchemy”, ” Machine Head ” by Deep Purple and many , many more.

Throughout 2019 the Moving Sessions were born. An Idea that slumbered in the inner world over lots of years and saw the light of the world. A project which displays the location-independent Music Production and offers a stage for Artists to share their creative drive with the World.