A picture of Lisa Akuah on the Flakturm in Humboldthain

Lisa Akuah with Taking Leaps – Audio only

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Produced by Petros Sofocli

Written and Performed by Lisa Akuah

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Petros Sofocli

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Lisa Akuah is a Berlin based, German singer-songwriter whose musical style has been greatly influenced by Irish Folk and traditional music. During her four year stay on the island, she was able to adopt the melancholy and longing conveyed in Irish music and her way of singing is often compared to Irish Sean-nós artists. Her soft guitar playing and warm, resonant voice invite the listener to dive into her emotional world.

Akuah´s presence in the Berlin Arts Community is constantly expanding as she has become a respected regular with local audiences as well as listeners elsewhere.

Taking Leaps was written in a time of change – it’s about making life changing decisions that might be terrifying at first but eventually prove to be the best and that it’s always worth not forgetting one’s dreams and maybe even pursuing them.

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