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Happy New Year! and greets from Venlo

Hey you all. Happy New Year! even if its almost a month in. Wish you all health and a blast in this round coming up.

Myself has been lacking the time to work on Moving Sounds the last year. As you have noticed, last post in March. I know that there where the idea of starting the Moving Sessions, where I would organize and produce live sessions in different places(not regular recording spaces). Have been still working by arse off(A big THANKS to the Teams in Märkische Kiste and Deliveroo which helped me out on this one and off course all the people who support them) to create a budget, so I can travel down south over the winter and produce as much music as possible. Showcasing the concept of the Moving Sounds project.

A picture of the Hotel room which will be my Studio for the next days

At the moment I’m hanging out in Venlo/NL at Hotel American since Helix had a diesel leakage on the way and had to stop to get it repaired. This is my Studio for the next few days. Just got my Guitar and an Interface. See what happens.

Late New Years Post

New Year – New Cycle

Hey there to all of you out there following and reading the Moving Sounds blog. I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy new Year.! Also wish you lots of energy to be able to work on your dreams so they get manifested and become reality.

I would like to inform you about the work i´ve been up to with Moving Sounds since the last post – Blockdammweg Adé – where the Project in Blockdammweg seized to exist. Since then some months past where I was renovating and creating a new atelier space, so the creative work can move. Blockstudio Grünauer StraßeThis space was at the new Blockstudio Project; Johannes and Christian setup at the industrial area at the Grünauer Straße in Berlin/Köpenick.

During the time of the renovation of the new room I was thinking a lot about the fact that the past years i´ve put so much energy in creating the Unholy Chambers and kind of forgot that the first and basic idea was to record Music and Sounds in a mobile way, thus Moving Sounds.Atelier Grünauer/Moving Sounds

Kind of sad but true, nearly being finished with the renovation of the space i had decided to give it up and focus on working with Moving Sounds. Of course all this change was a major logistical undertaking. Thankfully I had found a garage where I could store most of the equipment which made it possible to leave the Studio/Atelier Room end of September. I must say that almost 6 months after it was a good decision for the time but maybe now i´m thinking about a small room which would allow me to work easier on some projects. Nonetheless since September I had the chance to record 2 Berlin bands (Ostatni and Extremophile) and this in their practiserooms.

Moving on to the New Year. For this year one of my ideas where i would like to focus on is to start working on recording Sessions with Bands,Songwriters and Musicians, residing in Berlin and elsewhere, that are interested in taking part in a project like this. The main difference to the Unholy Sessions will be that there is no stationary place or location where the Sessions will take place and it will be a mixture of genres. Is more of a quest, finding unusual places to record music. I´m still in the process of searching for some, so feel free to comment if you know a nice that would be interesting to record at. So basically every Session will be performed and recorded in an individual space and time.

This is more of an approach to how the vision of Moving Sounds could become reality. Also if everything goes good as a long term plan/idea is to create a sampler/compilation from the music recorded.

One last thing, a point against procrastination. To keep this website runnning like a blog I challenge myself to post something every 2 weeks at least and give my best to hopefully post something every week by the end of the Year.

Thanks for reading till the end.! See ya


Blockdammweg Adé

After some weeks of planning and one week of intense moving stuff around, the move out of the Blockdammweg 60-64 grounds is accomplished. Thanks to all the friends who helped out during these weeks, without your help it would not go so smoothly.! The eviction notice came around end of September and we all knew, that´s the end of the Blockdammweg Era. The city is growing bigger rapidly the last years and as we have seen in different cities first go the sociocultural spaces, to create space for the general housing shortage. The plan for the Blockdammweg is the build of about 1100 apartments which hopefully a percentage will be offered as social housing and that not all be sold as freehold apartments. We all know where that ends up. Anyway with the move situation the Sound Atelier/Studio “The Unholy Chambers” stopped to exist. Also there a big thanks for everyone who supported this Project over the last years.

Last but not least, the light at the end of the tunnel is still on. A new room was found in Berlin-Köpenick to house the Atelier and Mixing Studio in the near future.
Updates and some Pictures coming soon.