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Looking for you

Searching for Songwriters and Musician for a future Project in another Dimension.

Except being good in your discipline, you need to have the chance to:

  • Record your self (Audiowise)
  • Make videos of your performance

Transcending Genre and Style.

If you are interested, contact me here.

I will answer your mail as soon as possible.

Please share with me a link to your Demos/Portfolio.

*To know that you have read till the end.
Use Transdimensional Project as a Subject.

RHCP – Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Instead of looking through a window at three sweaty guys frowning in the control room, we´re looking out at trees and flowers.

John Frusciante

This is a quote from the recording sessions for Red Hot Chilli Peppers´s album Blood Sugar Sex Magik. A nice one. I can imagine that space they where in. Transcending creativity.