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After some weeks of planning and one week of intense moving stuff around, the move out of the Blockdammweg 60-64 grounds is accomplished. Thanks to all the friends who helped out during these weeks, without your help it would not go so smoothly.! The eviction notice came around end of September and we all knew, that´s the end of the Blockdammweg Era. The city is growing bigger rapidly the last years and as we have seen in different cities first go the sociocultural spaces, to create space for the general housing shortage. The plan for the Blockdammweg is the build of about 1100 apartments which hopefully a percentage will be offered as social housing and that not all be sold as freehold apartments. We all know where that ends up. Anyway with the move situation the Sound Atelier/Studio “The Unholy Chambers” stopped to exist. Also there a big thanks for everyone who supported this Project over the last years.

Last but not least, the light at the end of the tunnel is still on. A new room was found in Berlin-Köpenick to house the Atelier and Mixing Studio in the near future.
Updates and some Pictures coming soon.

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