The Concept of Mobile Recording Studio

The mobile recording studio offers you the chance anytime and anywhere to capture your music for eternity in a high quality. whether its in the rehearsal room , during a live concert or at a street performance.

The idea is not new. During the 70s and 80s recordings were already made in this way. World famous example is the legendary Rolling Stones Mobile Recording Studio. This originated Albums that made ​​music history as ” Sticky Fingers ” (Rolling Stones) , Led Zeppelin’s ” III “, ” IV ” and ” House of the Holy” , Dire Strait´s  “Alchemy”, ” Machine Head ” by Deep Purple and many , many more.

Like in those days is the goal also today, not to restrict the creativity of a band or solo artist through a sterile studio environment or the pressure of an expensive booked stay in a traditional studio.
Instead, the mobile studio it´s all about recording the musicians in a familiar environment or at a location of their choice to take the pressure and give them creative freedom as well as enough time to prepare .With the mobile recording studio everyone has the opportunity to convert his room, barn or basement inexpensive into an almost fully fledged recording studio.

The main advantage of a mobile recording studio, is the chance to capture the acoustics of a room that excel in their originality every digital replica by far.

So while studio spaces such as basements, churches or barns can be digitally replicated, the Mobile Studio can be brought direct on site into the woods or at the beach to record the music with its wanted  ambient sounds. Crucial here is mainly the correct positioning of the microphones.

A great example of this are Led Zeppelin´s recordings at Headley Grange, on which the ambient sounds particularly to the fore.

Moving Sounds is able to perform high-quality recordings anywhere on the globe and thus producing a great sound. Here are some advantages:

  • Every location is musically and technically manageable.

  • Familiar surroundings and no studio hire.

  • Personal and individual determination of recording time.

  • Avoiding costly transportation of instruments, amplifiers, etc, to a studio.

Of course, concert recordings are a big part of the concept.

The Engineer

Here you find some lines over me.

I was born on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. As a child I had the chance to collect my first musical experiences on Piano.
Later I finally discovered my passion for music and began devoting myself more and more to the drums , which I actively do to this day.

During my youth, I had the desire to expand my musical horizons and took in addition to drum- also guitar-lessons to strengthen the connection between rhythm and harmony / melody.

After graduating from high school and a few years as an freelancer event-technician in Cyprus, I landed in Berlin to begin training as an audio engineer at the SAE Berlin. Which I completed successfully in 2010 and since then I am self-employed as a sound/audio engineer.

Through my participation and involvement in many different bands over the years (Dark Veil, Dream Hunter, Low on Saturn, Wrozlaf, Feast, Kyffpack and various house and cover bands), I managed to collect a lot of experience in terms of creating sound, songwriting and the audio technology.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and to find out a bit about me.

If you still have questions , feel free to contact me.

I would gladly record, mix or master your next project!

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