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Stony Sugarskull mit Butterflies (Video)

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After having finished her PhD on the biophilic healing functions of music in African-American literature in London/New Orleans/Berlin, Dr Monika Demmler started her musical project, Stony Sugarskull in 2015 where she has channeled her academic music-philosophical inquiry into her creative works of songs, lyrics, and sounds. Dr Monika Demmler has produced three releases so far: Trust (EP), Gaia (EP), and Butterflies (Single), available on all major online platforms. “Trust” 

Meanwhile she joined forces with Adrien Bang (drums) and Mikey Sykes (bass, guitar) to work on her next album, The Power of Chaos; a mix of psychedelic, punk rock, krautrock styles, mirroring the socio-political background/moods of the 21st century, along with the inbuilt music healing frequencies of guitar and drum sounds derived from her philosophical studies.

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